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Do you have any tips for someone learning to use nibs? I've been trying to teach myself for a while but sometimes it's smooth and wonderful and other times it can be annoying and hard like there's either too much ink on the nib or not enough (despite my trying to remedy both) any advice you can give would be much appreciated by a scrub like me


  • make sure you have a clean, flat workspace and a decent amount of room. this might be obvious. but nibs will know when you’re not feeling it and will subsequently shit all over whatever you’re trying to do. 
  • practice working with nib outside of pictures or comics you want to ink. as in, just get a piece of the paper you like and sit there and shit around with the nib seeing the different stuff you can make it do. 
  • experiment with different nibs to figure out what works for you. every nib is different! my forever girl is the japanese school nib because it’s firm with only slight squish, so it produces thin lines that are easy to control, but still have a nice organic quality. that might not be for you! truly, there’s a crapton of nibs out there. see what you like, because sometimes it’s not about how “good you are” at inking with nib but that your nib isn’t suiting your needs. 
  • keep water at your workspace and clean often while you’re working. dried ink in the slit and reservoir shit up your lines quickly. i usually blot and wipe off excess ink with a damp paper towel or thin cloth before dipping it in the water and wiping it clean again. it seems tedious but it’ll become second nature. 
  • tap off the excess ink whenever you dip your nib. duh. the reservoir can only hold so much before it shits the bed, so figure out a good amount for the nib you’re using. 
mostly you just have to practice and be patient. nibs have a steep learning curve, just keep going. hope this helps!



please consider: rihanna as crowley and lupita as aziraphale 


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Getting friends to play ace attorney like:



the blue light at end of the Persona 5 teaser was really just yu narukami being displeased at how the the sun has finally set on the milking of persona 4


It’s not a phase mom I really am the next supreme

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puppet kiss

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