My friend Don Hobbs has the world’s most amazing geek hobby: he collects only translated copies of the Sherlock Holmes canon.  In other words, since he speaks only English, there isn’t a single book in his huge collection he can actually read.

Beautiful geekery level: 9.2.  Collecting mania at its finest.

Anyway, these are from an Italian translation he scanned for me.  They aren’t images many people have seen, to my knowledge.  I love both like a crazy person and appreciate them not just for their actual obscurity, but for the fact that this illustrator went balls crazy and drew two scenes that are quiet moments of serious internal drama rather than pygmies and roof-climbing and cute dogs (of course, this is from SIGN).  And Holmes’s intravenous drug use is scarcely ever used in published canonical art. For obvious reasons.  Which makes this wicked badass.

I need not add that both of them look very dashing.  S’obvious.

Conclusion: Italians for the win, baby. 

Reblogging my own photoset because I stare at it. #noshame

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    bless whoever did the illustration =D and it’s translated on one of the sexiest languages on earth too ~~
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    Totally not checking out your best friend right before your marriage there, Watson.
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    My needle phobia is so laughably intense that I can barely even look at that first one.
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    Watson’s face in both of these is hysterical: “can u nOT?”
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    Jeez, I love those drawings.
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